Late to Every Party


Late to Every Party

I am the most impatient person you will ever meet and I rush through everything. In high school I nearly needed stitches because I shaved my legs so fast I split my thigh wide open! Along the way there have been car accidents, falling up/down stairs, stubbed toes, forgetting to turn off hair irons, and ovens, all because I’m in a hurry.

So then, why am I late to every party?

Reason 1: God

He has a plan for my life that, in my opinion, is not going according to MY schedule. I haven’t been able to get pregnant, we don’t own a house, we haven’t finished school, I didn’t attend college till 8 years after high school…

…But God’s timing is better, and I am noticing just how amazing and FULL my life is; thinking we are not enough because we aren’t keeping up with the Joneses is something I’m learning to overcome. Thankfully, God doesn’t seem to listen to my commands, I’ve learned so much about myself, my passions and who God’s created me to be…However, about ten years too late in my opinion.

Reason 2: Husband

I am a wife to an amazing man that I semi-stalked since high school. Jon is gift, with a heart for worship, hockey, and video games. He works in the audio industry and from time to time sports a very sexy beard. He is also a student at UNM and is studying communications. He ALSO happens to be super laid back with no sense of urgency, we are “that couple” that is late to everything… of course, it’s not my fault.

Reason 3: Myself

I bet you thought I’d let my husband take the blame! Gluten free, skinny jeans, Pinterest, your joke from yesterday, late to all those parties too.

Usually, in my rush to get things done, I shoot myself in the foot; I make bad decisions just to have a decision made. I fill out paperwork without reading the instructions, I attempt to drive across town with the gas light on but through it all I am loved and I am learning.

Bondye Bon (God is good)!

3 thoughts on “Late to Every Party

  1. I use to try and do everything, be everything, have everything, but I wasn’t late. God is in controll and has his hands full with me and my expectations. The good thing about you is you are learning this about 25 years sooner than me! This lesson well make you a stronger person.


  2. Love your sort of sound a lot like me in many ways, thankful I found God but wish it had been sooner in my life. Love you sweet girl.. I’m proud of you.


  3. I always think that God’s plan is the best even when we are in a hurry to do or to get everything in our space, in our time… But as you said, Bondye Bon tout tan!!!


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