10 Things About Micah Cooley :)


My brother is turning 20-something. Micah is possibly the strangest most amazing person I have ever met (other than my mom, dad, sister, other brother and husband). I love him to pieces. He likes tie-dye, good music, and sarcasm. Those are the only things I understand about him. There are many things that I and the rest of society don’t understand.

These are the words that come to my mind when I think of Micah:

1. Sleep. I don’tImage remember Micah when he first came home as baby. I think he completely slept through the first year of his life. I never heard him scream or cry. He would continue to sleep through the years of his life if it wasn’t for Oreo’s, Pop Tarts, video games or books. No one can sleep as much as Micah. This includes comatose people.

“Last night I had a dream I held and cuddled a baby sloth, and it was greatest thing ever. The rest of my day is now irrelevant.” – Micah Cooley 

2. Music. Micah has great taste in music; possibly even better than mine.  Is there anything Micah loves more than music? Maybe sleep, but music is a close second.

“I think I go through headphones the same way Taylor Swift goes through boyfriends.” – Micah Cooley

3. Sarcasm. He says wildly inappropriate things at the worst times. He really is a nice guy… you just wouldn’t know it from what flies out of his mouth.    

“So Amanda and Jake are having a baby. Seeing as it is Amanda and Jake, we are all expecting a rather fat, very loud, not very tall potato of a child. It’s gonna be awesome.” – Micah Cooley

4. Mom’s favorite. Its true…at least it was until her Grandson was born. Good luck to whoever marry’s him. Good luck with my mom…good luck with Micah.

“Someday I will grab a pretty girl’s face between my hands as if it were an oblong basketball, sing this loudly in her face in a screaming wail, and if she doesn’t Taser me in the eyeballs, I will marry her.” – Micah Cooley while listening to the White Stripes.

I’m going to give you a moment to recover from that mental image. It’s frightening.

5. Nerd. As a bookworm, he used to educate me on Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and every single animal that has ever lived, its vegetation and habitat. Did I mention he’s writing a novel? Nerd.

“Today a girl came into my work and her name was Arwen. I almost high-fived her nerd parents.” –Micah Cooley

“Not gonna lie, if I ever had a child sorted into Hufflepuff, I would put him up for adoption.” – Micah Cooley

I wonder why he didn’t scream White Stripes into Arwen’s face? That sounded a lot like fate.

6. Anti-exercise. If there’s one thing Micah HATES it’s working out.

“I feel like when I was running outside, God was holding a magnifying glass over the sun, aiming it directly at me and giggling the entire time.” – Micah Cooley

“I don’t get why people always post about going to the gym, or how much they love working out. It seems somewhat masochistic. I exercised once; it was horrible” – Micah Cooley

7. Anti-Texas. If there’s one thing Micah HATES it’s Texas. Everybody calm down, notice how I didn’t say “TexANS”. Put your shotguns away.

“I have a mini-fridge in my dorm. It’s pretty much the best part of west Texas.”- Micah Cooley

“You know you’re in west Texas when the radio only plays country music or Baptist preachers. –Micah Cooley

8. Dinosaurs. Before he could say the word “mom” he could say “Brachiosaurus”, “Spinosaurus” and “Triceratops” flawlessly. I still see of Land Before Time sequels in my sleep. His first crush was on a cartoon Triceratops named Cera. I don’t have any quotes to prove this. If you’ve met Micah, that should be proof enough.

Also, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Micah Cooley’s impression of a T-rex. Image

9. Smart? To our amazement, in middle school he scored college level scores in standardized testing. Now he’s in intelligence in the Air Force. We’re shocked. He still wears slip-on shoes and forgets to brush his teeth. All the hopes and dreams of my parents retiring on the beaches of Maui rest on Micah.

“This afternoon it took me three attempts to staple four sheets of paper together. I think I’m done for the week.” – Micah Cooley

“After tomorrow I am finally done with my senior year. Two or three more senior years and I might finally graduate.” – Micah Cooley

10. Adult? Only according to the government. Not his family.

“Today I had a breakfast of Spongebob macaroni because I am an adult and can do what I want.” – Micah Cooley


Happy Birthday, Micah. I love you, you sarcastic, smelly, nerdy brother.

A few embarrassing stories:
1. My earliest memory of Micah was when we were playing outside with the neighborhood kids. A few of my friends started giggling and pointing. I looked over and to my horror there’s Micah…peeing on a tree.
2. Micah broke his arm once. Not playing Ninja’s. Not playing Cowboy’s. Not doing anything tough. It was nap time and he was putting a shirt on.

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