29 terrible, awful things I’d rather be doing..

Today I’m a whiner, I’m done with the phase of life I’m in. OVER IT. Am I the only one who gets this way? Sometimes do you wake up and think “Really? I have to put up with _____ how much longer? I’d rather be dealing with anything other than _______!” I think we all have moments/days like this. For me it’s usually about school.

I know I should be thankful for the opportunity to have an education. I know it’s my CHOICE to be in school right now. I know I should have a good attitude, but instead…I’m thinking of all the worst things I hate but would rather be doing than this.

Maybe you can relate also.

“… it was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice.” – Joseph Conrad

Things I’d rather do than start another semester of class..

1.  jury duty (it would be GUILTY everytime)
2.  chew on glass
3. babysit your feverish, un-potty-trained, teething kids
4.  sneeze hot sauce through my nose
5. stab my eyes out with straws
6.  fall into a cactus, from a skydive
7.  watch baseball
8. go on a gluten-free diet
9.  sleep on a bed of nails rusty butcher knives
10.  go skinny dipping in Canada… in January
11.  Crossfit
12. walk – do the worm – over a bed of hot coals
13.  do my taxes
14.  rub diced Jalapenos in my eyes…and then bathe in my tears
15.  watch the Matrix
16. listen to my husband explain the nuances of the Matrix…AGAIN
17.  “cut down a tree with a herring”
18.  stick gum in my hair
19.  eat toe nails
20. eat road-kill
21.  eat kale
22.  have fleas
23.  put boiling water on a sunburn
24. herd 1000 cats into a swimming pool
25. dance on national television
26.  listen to the Frozen soundtrack…for the rest of my life
27.  explain twitter to your grandmother
28. I’d rather it be an election year
29. I’d rather be at the DMV

Thanks for listening. Feel free to add your own.

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