Was it a Dream, or Not?

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Dry-bones1-680x382Have you ever had a dream so real, that when it was over you weren’t sure it was over?

I used to have a reoccurring nightmare in grade school. I was running away from something or someone – zombies? – and trying to get back to the safety of my classroom. And, I kept falling. I’d be outrunning the dark evil pursuing me, and then fall and it would get closer. Every time I fell it would get closer and then right when I fell for the last time and the evil was leaning over me, I’d wake up, breathing heavily, and unsure if I was in my bed or dead.

We have an old recording of “The Christmas Carol” we listen to each Christmas. In it, the narrator paraphrases from Dickens, “Marley’s Ghost bothered Scrooge exceedingly. Every time he resolved within himself, after mature inquiry, that it was all…

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One thought on “Was it a Dream, or Not?

  1. Yes, I dreamt I was asleep in my bed. The window was open, and a strong wind was blowing rain into my room. I was dreaming about what I was doing (sleeping in a specific bed at a specific time) in real time, only there was no storm in reality. I woke up, and it took me several minutes to sort out whether it was nice out or stormy! My dreams rarely are that literal.


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