Award Winning Production Company Looking for Dating Mennonites via LateToEveryParty!

Dating Mennos: Whether you grew up in strictly Mennonite culture, or simply have a Mennonite last name that accompanies severe reverence for your Oma – we want to hear from you! An award winning TV production company specializing in documentary programs (TLC/HGTV/Discovery Channel etc) has reached out in search of dating couples consisting of one Menno and one Non-Menno. Their goal is […]


There is no such thing as life’s “Silver Lining.” My husband and I have moved in with my parents until September. That’s not my anti-silver lining point… My parents are visiting family in Texas and we are watching my mom’s favorite child, Max – a Bernese Mountain dog a little larger than a minivan. He is old […]

The Real “Utter Nonsense” of Missions and International Ministry.

I keep coming across the same arguments against Christian ministry and not just from those outside the church, but from Christians.  We’ve all heard the claims before, they are 2000 years old. While reading this morning I came across this passage where Paul speaks directly to these criticisms: 1 Thessalonians 2:3-9 (NIV) ————————————————————- 1 Thes 2:3 “For […]

Introverts Guide to Marrying a Mennonite

I often write about the hardships of being Jon’s wife but nothing compares to our wedding. On September 8, Jon and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. I remember saying to my husband “I just want to marry you. As long as we’re married at the end of the day, I don’t care if guests are […]


Between school, holidays and an unexpected pregnancy, I’ve been a little busy. Or rather, sick, tired and stupid. They tell me it’s normal for someone in my “condition”. If being the bringer if life is a “condition”, where’s my medal? So what shook me out of my sick and tired pregnancy hiatus? Under my blog settings, there’s a section […]

My Top 6 Pastoral KID Pet Peeves

My dad wrote a blog, “My Top 5 Pastoral Pet Peeves.” He thinks his life as a pastor is so difficult. Whiner. The real ones suffering are the children.  MY blog has not 5 but 6 pet peeves. Here’s what it’s like growing up as a pastor’s kid. 1.You are THE Candidate! For Out Loud Prayer and Bible […]

Everything You Need to Know About Low German.

7 Things Every Outsider needs to Know About Low German – According to Me. 1. And then God Said, “Let there be Low German!” Or something like that. Nobody really knows. Low German, the Mennonite language, is also referred to as Plattdeutsch. It is NOT German. Don’t tell a German their language is low and don’t tell a […]