Award Winning Production Company Looking for Dating Mennonites via LateToEveryParty!

Dating Mennos: Whether you grew up in strictly Mennonite culture, or simply have a Mennonite last name that accompanies severe reverence for your Oma – we want to hear from you! An award winning TV production company specializing in documentary programs (TLC/HGTV/Discovery Channel etc) has reached out in search of dating couples consisting of one Menno and one Non-Menno. Their goal is […]

7 Mennonite Tactics of Game Manipulation

Mennonites, games and competition. I guarantee there will be family feuds. At family gatherings someone will not be speaking to someone. Sharp game pieces will be used as weapons. Dirty laundry will be aired. People will storm out, shout or throw things… OVERVIEW FOR THE OUTSIDER It has been rumored Mennonites are pacifists. I’m here to tell you this is […]